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Do you suffer from dreaded hayfever every year?
This video explains what is going on inside the body prompting that allergic reaction and introduces some ways to help alleviate your symptoms. 

Recommended products Histamine Intolerance Health Pack

Alcohol and its effect on your immune system

Does alcohol affect your immune system? FInd out in this short video which includes some great healthy tips and tricks for enjoying a tipple

The Future of gut health

Watch Sunny outline Floré, the Personalised Microbiome test and supplement which is changing lives and revolutionising the future of Gut Health

Recommended Products: Personalised Microbiome Supplement

HIstamine and Leaky Gut

This video outlines the products and practices we recommend

  1. What Clinoptilolite is & how it works
  2. How to use Toxaprevent products safely 
  3. Which product to use when
  4. The relationships between Histamine, DAO deficiency and Leaky Gut

Recommended products Toxaprevent

Bonfires Around the Teeth

  1. The link between metabolic health and gum health
  2. Causes of gum issues – extensive and correctable
  3. Periodontal disease
  4. The links between our ‘biomes’ – oral, nasal and gastrointestinal
  5. Blood testing
  6. Strategies for the gums, periodontal disease, the oral environment, irritation from prosthetics, and the sinuses and intestines
  7. Strategies for the teeth and for night grinding
  8. AND the GAME-CHANGER in oral health

Recommended products Toxaprevent

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Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for free videos