Microbiome Testing

Your Microflora is Unique. Your Microbiome Supplement Should be Too.

Custom Microbiome Formulations Made Specifically for You.

Floré combines next generation microbiome analysis to tailor create your very own 3-month personalised microbiome supplement, and an in-depth report of your microbiome state.

Your Floré is blended together with the best pre and pro live bacteria, mixed with botanical ingredients to create your truly tailored formula for your microbiome needs

Four Steps to Start your Personalised Microbiome
Supplement Journey

Flore microbiome test kit

Step 1

Provide Sample

Order your Floré gut sequencing test which includes easy-to-follow instructions and all the tools you will need to provide a sample. There is even a link to a helpful video. Collect a micro-stool sample from the comfort of your own home and send it back to the Nouveau Healthcare offices. Remember to register your Floré ID on our portal and fill in our health & diet survey.

Flore microbiome report

Step 2

Receive Your Report

Our world class team of scientists extract and sequence your gut microflora DNA from your sample and prepare your individual comprehensive gut analysis report keeping your health goals in mind.

Login to our portal and view your report, showcasing everything you need to know about your gut.

Flore Packaging

Step 3

Receive Your Custom Floré Formulation

Our Floré scientists craft your personalised formulations made of pre, pro live bacteria and botanicals. Your Floré personalised microbiome supplement will be cold shipped, straight to your front door. Floré is high in CFU/g (Colony Forming Unit per gram), proven to survive the gastric system, and fortified with natural botanicals for your gut microflora.

Step 4

Meet Your Dedicated Expert
Clinical Team

Get tailored support. Our clinical expert team will answer, breakdown and guide you through our portal and your microbiome analysis.

Our expert clinical team will walk through your microbiome report with you and provide any support and guidance to support that you need on your microbiome journey.

Micro-Manufactured In-House

Formulation that you can trust

No middleman or outsourced laboratories. Everything, from shipping to manufacturing, directly by our expert team.

Cold Shipped

Our live bacteria are living organisms

Every one of our live bacteria and ingredient is stored and cold shipped to you fresh, directly from our fridge.

One Capsule a Day

Floré keeps it simple

No more juggling a multipack or morning and night routines. One capsule in the morning is all you need.

DNA Genomic Testing

DNA Health
DNA Diet
DNA Mind
DNA Oestrogen
DNA Sport
DNA Skin

Choose one or many DNA tests to inform your diet, lifestyle and supplement choices for optimal health, now and for disease prevention for the future.

Your DNA test with Knowledge4Health

Four Steps to your DNA Health Test

Step 1

Book a free call to choose your test

Your practitioner will walk you through the available tests and support you in choosing the most appropriate one for you. We will then order your personalised DNA Health kit for delivery to your home address. We don’t just sell you the test, we give you full support so you understand your results.

Step 2

How to perform your test

Follow the instructions here to take your test and return it for analysis.

Step 3

Receive your Report

Get tailored support.

Knowledge4Health will send you your report and schedule your 30minute information consultation.

Our clinical expert team will answer, breakdown, and guide you through our portal and your DNA Health report.

Book your free call with our experts to order your DNA test