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Join our 6 Week Weight Loss Programme with Green Laser Therapy from Niall Donohue at CureSpa.

Our green laser body sculpting program is FDA-approved and medically supervised. Sculpt the perfect body you’ve always wanted, with no pain, surgery, side effects or downtime.

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Knowledge4Health and CureSpa

Verjù is the First and Only FDA Market-Cleared Green Laser for Slimming of the Waist, Hips & Thighs

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Reduce 4-6 Inches in 2 Weeks*

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We combine cutting-edge green laser fat loss technology with Knowlegde4Health proven weight loss methods and holistic wellness approach. The result is a highly-effective, medically-supervised and FDA-approved treatment that can safely trim up to four inches of unwanted body fat in two weeks.

Verju Green Laser Sculpting is for People who:

The Only Green Laser Body Sculpting Treatment FDA-Approved for:

The Only Green Laser Body Sculpting Treatment FDA-Approved for:

Ready to Lose 20lbs in 30 Days?

What to Expect Throughout Your Body
Sculpting Treatment

Before Treatment

During Treatment

After Treatment