Find your path to being vibrant and healthy

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We are a functional medicine clinic helping our clients

with a range of health conditions,

achieve optimal health

Find your path to vitality and health. Let us be your guide.

We are a functional medicine clinic helping our clients with a range of conditions, achieve optimal health.

We are experts in personalised functional support that places our clients at the heart, and optimises all aspects of physical, mental emotional and spiritual function rather that just addressing symptoms.

Our functional medicine practitioners are experts in supporting those with various health conditions from brain health concerns, chronic digestive conditions, skin conditions, allergies and autoimmune diseases.

We work to bring your body back to balance through a number of modalities including nutrition, targeted supplementation, lifestyle changes and compassion for the psychological and autonomic root causes of illness

What is Functional Medicine?

The Functional Medicine approach aims to investigate and address root causes of chronic disease and ill-health. These can and often are, multifactorial for every individual, which is why care needs to be personal and personalised.

Functional Medicine looks at the body and mind holistically rather than a disparate approach treating the body as separate systems and the body and mind as separate from each other.

The most effective approach to alleviating the symptoms of chronic illness is to look for and address root causes, optimise diet, lifestyle and nutrient status and support mental, emotional and physical health.

Functional Medicine practitioners spend time with their clients, listening to their story. We work in partnership with the client to understand how their illness may have started and developed while empowering them not just for our time working together, but for life.

The Process

Initial Consultation

You are asked to fill out a detailed intake questionnaire which may provide essential clues to the possible root cause of your symptoms.

We review your personal and medical history, nutrition, lifestyle, and establish your health concerns and goals. We discuss barriers to change, supplements and testing.

You receive your initial recommendations

2nd Consultation

Your second consultation takes place 4-6 weeks after your initial, or as needed based on your health concerns and the degree of change and support required.

Any test results are reviewed and symptom progress is monitored. Barriers and challenges are addressed together.

Your recommendations are reviewed and updated

Ongoing Support

The number and frequency of further follow up consultations depends on the individual needs of the client.

Symptom progress is monitored and further testing may be required. Barriers and challenges are again discussed and addressed together.

Your recommendations are reviewed and updated.

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