Frequently Asked Questions Toxaprevent

Toxaprevent has no direct side effects! Apart from the fact as you detox the toxins, you will start to feel better (apparently that's a side effect!). This is because the active ingredient in the Toxaprevent range is not absorbed by the body and does not react with the body. It simply works autonomously, binding to the toxins in the digestive tract and then simply passed out via natural bowel movement. The most common reported issue with Toxaprevent can be constipation, this only happens if you do not drink enough water. If you are, and still feeling constipated, then this is a sign you may not be eating enough fibre, carbohydrates and protein in your diet to support with stool formation. Or an issue of low gut motility. We would recommend, increasing your fibre and discussing with your healthcare practitioner about seeing if a good magnesium could be added in. However, remember you will get better as you begin adding these fibrous fruits and veggies in! Any questions, just drop us an email or give us a call.
No, you can take Toxaprevent without a break as the active ingredient in Toxaprevent is inert. It doesn't stay in the body, it simply binds to the toxins and passes out your body with the toxins through your natural bowel movement. You can use Toxaprevent for as long as you feel your body needs. If you have any questions, just reach out to the Knowledge4Health team.
Toxaprevent detoxes the following toxins: Histamine Mould Mycotoxins Ammonium Aflatoxins Ochratoxins Mercury Lead Aluminium Cadmium Arsenic Nickel Tin Dimethylamine Nitrosamine Tyramine There are many more toxins which Toxaprevent detoxes. If you have a specific question or would like some advice please reach out to our team
Nope! No gap is needed you can continue taking the product. This is because the active ingredient in Toxaprevent is inert. Even though it is active, meaning its binding and absorbing to the toxins circulating in your body. Once it has bound to these toxins it simply removes the toxins from the body via stool you alongside the Toxaprevent.
It's a good question, and one many like to know as no one wants to be taking something forever, Let's take our histamine intolerance protocol as an example. The aim of this protocol is to detox the histamine from the body. We suggest taking the product for a minimum of 3 months, and then depending on your histamine levels and symptoms to take it for a further 3 months if needed. Regardless of how long you take Toxaprevent, we recommend doing a 1 to 2 month detox every year as a 'top up'. Month 1: When you start the histamine intolerance protocol, the aim for month 1 is to break out of your histamine cycle and symptoms. Month 2: By month 2, our aim is to further detox your 'histamine bucket' and break out of your histamine symptoms. Month 3: We then expect by month 3 to further detox your 'histamine bucket' so your immune system can come back into balance. At this point we suggest re-introducing foods you have missed out on. However, if you feel like you need longer, and in some cases we have seen histamine sufferers needing to take it for a further 1 to 3 months. It's nothing to worry about as your histamine levels are unique, and varies depending on your body. We wish we could say don't worry 3 months will be fine, but the fact is some people have a lot more histamine then others. Fortunately, we know once you do the protocol no matter how long for, you will get better! Remember, you can take Toxaprevent long term we have customers who like the idea of supporting there body from detoxing and who have been taking Toxaprevent for 20+ years! This is because there are no direct side effects, as the active ingredient is a toxin binder which simply binds to the toxins and removes the toxins alongside the Toxaprevent from your body via your natural bowel movement.
Yes! Toxaprevent is vegan. The active ingredient Zeolite Clinoptilolite MANC® which stands for Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite, a raw material which comes from sustainable sources. All the Toxaprevent products contain no animal components, blood or by-products and contain no alcohol. So yep 100% vegan!
The Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets (Purple one) detox the upper GI: Mouth, Oesphagus and Stomach The Toxaprevent Medi Pure Capsules (Red one) detox the lower GI: Intestines and Colon It's why we recommend using both together for specific protocols, as though the sachets detox the stomach and pass into your colon to be passed out via our stool. The Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets have already bound to toxins in your stomach so the sachets won't be as effective in the intestines and colon. Whereas the Toxaprevent Capsules have an enteric coating (delayed release) meaning they bypass the stomach to open up in your intestines and colon to detox the toxins further down. So depending on the protocol, or where you wish to detox the toxins you can use them individually or use both together as we recommend part of our protocols.
We recommend taking Toxaprevent at least 30 minutes to 2 hours before food or at least 2 hours after food. The further away from food the better it will work! This is because we want Toxaprevent to bind to circulating toxins in your body. If you have Toxaprevent to close too food, Toxaprevent will bind to the toxins such as histamine from the food rather than the histamine ciculating in the body causing your symptoms. In addition, the protein from food can stop the Zeolite Clinoptilolite from working properly, as the protein can coat the magnetic structure of Toxaprevent and stop it from working.
Two reasons! We want Toxaprevent to bind to circulating toxins in your body. If you have Toxaprevent to close too food, Toxaprevent will bind to the toxins such as histamine from the food rather than the histamine ciculating in the body causing your symptoms. In addition, the protein from food can stop the binding of Toxaprevent. This is because protein can coat the structure of Toxaprevent and stop it from being able to bind to toxins.
No! Toxaprevent does not bind to your bodies nutrients and minerals. This is because the particle size of the Toxaprevent ingredient has been optimised making it too small to bind to nutrients (which have a larger particle size). In addittion, Toxaprevent's active ingredient is to large to pass through the gut lining so it always stays in the GI tract. We produce independent laboratory reports and studies which show that long term use of Toxaprevent does not deplete levels of micronutrients and essential minerals in users bodies. Toxaprevent can therefore be taken alongside food, other supplements and even probiotics/prebiotics. It's only with medication you need to leave a two hour gap between Toxaprevent and the medication.
Yep! You can take Toxaprevent with vitamins, minerals, supplements and probiotics. No gap needed as the particle size of Toxaprevent is to small to be able to bind to these useful nutrients.
Constipation: This only happens if you do not drink enough water when taking your dosage. We recommend 300ml with 1 x sachet and 300ml with 3 capsules. However, if you are drinking enough water and still feel constipated, then this is a sign that you need to increase your fibrous fruits and veggies in your diet. We need a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fibrous foods to get our stool moving! If you need any advice on foods, just reach out to our team and we will be happy to help! Feeling better: Yes, that's a contraindication. Bonkers we know! However, as you begin to detox histamine, heavy metals, ammonium and other toxins which plague our bodies it not uncommon to feel more energetic, less bloated and less histamine symptoms.
Sadly, no. Even though Toxaprevent stays only in the GI tract we don't have enough research to show its safety during pregnancy. You can only take Toxaprevent during pregnancy if you were taking it prior to becoming pregnant.
Zeolite Clinoptilolite particles are natural, mineral based substances formed when volcanic ash crystalizes with salt water. Volcanic zeolites one of the oldest and most versatile active ingredients used by humans through history. Think of Clinoptilolite as a magnet, absorbing to toxins in the environment. Zeolite emits a natural negative charge which allows them to work like a magnet or a sponge, binding and soaking up positively charged toxic substances. However, Toxaprevent is the only Zeolite Clinoptilolite in the world which has research and shows that it can bind and detox histamine, ammonium, heavy metals (lead and mercury), arsenic, mycotoxins and mould in the body. All of these toxins can contribute to poor and ill health. These toxins are pulled into the Zeolite Clinoptilolite structure. Once the Zeolite Clinoptilolite in Toxaprevent has bound to these toxins, they can not be un-bound or removed from the Clinoptilolite particle. So the toxins alongside our Zeolite Clinoptilolite particles (Toxaprevent) are simply detoxed alongside the toxins out from your body through your natural bowel movement. There are many different zeolites which have their own qualities and structures. However, our Zeolite Clinoptilolite has been shown to be the most effective form of Zeolite, meaning it out-performs all other types of zeolite when binding toxins. This is why MANC® particles in Toxaprevent are made from only the highest quality clinoptilolite zeolite and why our products are registered as a Medical Device.
Zeolites must only stay in the digestive tract, as there is no evidence to show they leave the body if they enter the blood stream, tissues or muscles. Toxaprevent, is proven to only stays in the digestive tract. There are 3 ways in which Toxaprevent detoxes the entire body without having to pass the blood brain barrier: Due to the particle size, it can't pass through the gut barrier. However, Toxaprevent's active ingredient MANC particles have a magnetic charge, so when it goes near the intestinal lining it can pull toxins through from blood vessels which are located all around the digestive tract. The portal vein: pulls blood from the digestive tract which includes minerals and toxins into the kidneys to be cleansed. However, because Toxaprevent has already removed the toxins from the body when the portal vein pulls the daily toxin burden into the kidneys, the kidneys do not have to deal with that daily burden. This allows the liver and kidneys (metabolic organs) to begin detoxing any stored toxins, it gives the metabolic organs room to breathe and slowly begin to detox and push toxins out. Pancreas and Gallbladder: these both excrete enzymes which help with the absorption of nutrients, breakdown of proteins and fats. They excrete these enzymes alongside toxins which are pushed into the small intestines. When these toxins enter the small intestines our clean, safe and natural binder Toxaprevent binds to these toxins to prevent them from being reabsorbed. If a binder such as Toxapreveent is not used, the colon will reabsorb these back into the body. This is why the Toxaprevent Medi Pure Capsules are essential as it will go into the intestines and bind to the toxins and remove them from the GI tract preventing them from being reabsorbed.
The Toxaprevent Medi Acute Capsules contain only two ingredients: 265mg of MANC® particles (active ingredient in all the Toxaprevent products) 105mg high grade de-caseinated Colostrum. De-caseinated colostrum means the colostrum does not contain Casein, a protein found in milk. The colostrum does contain whey protein. It is targetted for people with an immune imbalance, colostrum is called an immune modulator (basically a fancy scientific word for balancing the immune system). Colostrum is highly regarded as a supplement because of its ability to rebalance an over reactive or underactive immune system. One of the main proteins in milk people react to is casein, this is why we have removed the casein from our medical grade colostrum. Our colostrum comes from natural, free range and antibiotic free cows who are used purely for there colostrum.
Toxaprevent is a scientifically-backed toxin binder that has been proven to mop up and remove toxins and reverse toxins, leading to an overreactive immune system known as Histamine Overload (Histamine Intolerance). Toxaprevent contains medical-grade Zeolite Clinoptilolite MANC, Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite—the cleanest, safest and most optimised Zeolite iZeoliteorld. Toxaprevent's active ingredient, MANC, has been put through a unique process that optimises the particle size to keep it between 6-10 microns; this is extremely important when choosing the right zeolite. Our Zeolite Clinoptilolite MANC is kept between these two sizes, as it is proven that it is too small to bind vitamins, minerals or nutrients but too large to pass through the gut barrier. The zeolite oZeoliteind must never enter the liver or kidneys, as there is no evidence to show that once it does, it leaves. Download our Report to show Safety Download our Report to show that Toxaprevent does NOT bind vitamins, minerals or supplements Once Toxaprevent has mopped up and grabbed hold of the toxins, it won't let them loose and will leave the body with toxins when you pass your stool. Toxaprevent binds and removes the following toxins from the body: Histamine Mould Mycotoxins Ammonium Aflatoxins Ochratoxins A & B Mercury Lead Aluminium Cadmium Arsenic Nickel Tin Dimethylamine Nitrosamine Tyramine Toxaprevent is regulated and classed as a medical device. Even though the packaging may look medical, it is completely natural. We were certified as a medical device because we could prove what toxins Toxaprevent removed from the body. It is safe to take daily, and most importantly, we proved that once it mopped up and absorbed the toxins, it left the body. This is why Toxaprevent was awarded its medical device certification. The certification shows that our Zeolite Clinoptilolite (MANC) has been processed to remove all the toxins, so it is completely clean of all environmental pollutants and irritants.
We understand how uncomortable it can be when feeling constipated. However, if this happens when taking Toxaprevent don't worry it can be easily resolved and is a positive sign that your gut is not only detoxing but its time to make a few tweaks! Constipation can happen for two reasons: It's a sign that you may need to either increase your water intake Or it's a sign you do not have enough fibre or protein in your diet With histamine symptoms, or detoxing one of the main issues is restrictive diets and having to limit nutritious foods which not are only full of fibre but packed full of protein. We suggest increasing the eating of fibrous fruits and veggies. Eating slightly green bananas i.e. not over ripened as they are packed full of resistant starch Adding lentils, beans or legumes in with your veggies to provide a good protein and fibre hit Increasing veggie intake. Veggies such as brocolli, sweet potato, cauliflower and edemame peas Adding in flaxseeds, chia seeds or nuts into your food to increase fibre and protein We understand it can be uncomfortable but these small changes will make a big difference and support not only creating fuller stool but support the frequency in your bowel movement.

Frequently Asked Questions Dolovent

Nope, it does not contain any dairy, wheat or gluten or any of there derivates. It is manufactured in our GMP certified facility where we manufacture only food supplements with no known allergens!
Dolovent contains a proprietary and increased blend of B vitamins, magnesium and CoQ10 to help not only increase absorption but also to support with brain health. We do not methylate the b vitamins as the particle size would be to large to be able to get all the blend into the capsule.
We use Magnesium Oxide as it supports with abdominal pain and aura which helps relieve the pressure placed on blood vessels. We have based this on the research of Dr Stuart Teppers on the use of Magnesium Oxide.
A great question. Yes, Dolovent contains the optimimum levels of vitamins and minerals our body uses up over time and needs. Dolovent is a nootropic, as it not only increases brain energy but supports brain health as well. There is no issues with taking it long term alongside a balanced diet.

Frequently Asked Questions Pylopass

We wouldn't recommend this as the protocol is very specific to the stomach bacteria. Also, we recommend once he finishes the initial 5 days that he continue to take the sachets and Pylopass until he finishes the 30-day post mop-up.
Only If the specific stomach bacteria caused the IBS symptoms, Pylopass is designed to bind and remove a specific stomach bacteria, which creates ammonium and histamine, which are linked to the symptoms you are feeling and, most importantly, inflammation. In addition, to boost the effects, I suggest adding the Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets to help remove the histamine and ammonium from your stomach created by the specific stomach bacteria.
Yes, Pylopass is allergen free and is an inactive strain of L. reuteri. The strain simply goes into the stomach and binds to a specific stomach bacteria. I hope this helps! I would suggest you also look at using Toxaprevent alongside. Toxaprevent binds and detoxes histamine from the body, in doing so we are able to reduce the histamine and balance your histamine levels. I would recommend the Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets. .

Frequently Asked Questions VitamoreD

Yes VitamoreD is Vitamin D as Calcifediol which is the hydroxylated form and increases vitamin D levels 3.2 x more quickly.
Yes, this is Calcifediol that is produced when the liver hydroxylates the Cholecalciferol and converts it into Calcifediol.
10 mcg of Cholecalciferol = 400 i.u. because of the form of Vitamin D being the unactivated form Cholechalciferol that needs to be processed to become Calcifediol, and then be processed by the kidneys to become Calcitriol the active form of Vitamin D where you feel the benefits. Calcifediol is the hydroxylated form of vitamin D which is 5 x more activated there for 10 mcg = 2000 i.u
Nope, not at all. As the form is bound to vitamin D binding proteins in the body and transported into the kidneys where it is hydroxylated to become Calcitriol and does not rely on fat to be absorbed.
Hi Kate, yep that is correct. You see VitamoreD is Calcifediol which enters directly into the gut and goes straight into the kidneys where it increases the vitamin D levels 3.2 x faster as it is able to convert to calcitriol (active form of vitamin D) quickly without the need for cofactors. Yep, there is a lot of research around k2 and it's protective affects against calcification in particular with neurodegnetarive disesase.

FAQs Histamine Intolerance

This is a tricky question to answer. To give you some background, Estrogen, when increased, triggers mast cells to release histamine and also prevents DAO (the enzyme in the gut which breaks down histamine) from breaking it down. This then triggers all the symptoms associated with histamine. However, when Estrogen decreases, this also causes the immune system to release histamine as it is trying to protect the body from what it 'thinks' is bad. The symptoms depend on the individual. They can be anything as simple as hot flushes, inflamed joints, hives, red skin, irritability, brain fog, and fatigue, to name a few. Histamine is linked with all these different conditions. As you start to use a histamine binder to mop up the histamine, you should see and feel some regulation in your histamine levels and symptoms.
You can take the Toxaprevent Medi Pure Capsules two hours after your morning medication. We would then suggest taking the Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets and Capsules together 2 hours after your lunch. Toxaprevent does not interfere with vitamins, minerals or supplements.
Yes, as long as you leave a two hour gap between medication and the Toxaprevent there is no issue. Even with Xolair injection, please wait two hours then take Toxaprevent. .
So it depends on where your Gut is. You can take both, but we would say wait until at least 8/10 weeks of taking Toxaprevent and following the histamine intolerance protocol if there is dysbiosis, we do not want to trigger a further histamine response or cause any inflammation. We want to heal the gut and then begin repopulating!
Hey, so Toxaprevent is shipped from our US warehouse so we pay all the shipping and duties into the USA. It's likely you reacted to something else within the Zeolite. If you drop us an email: we can talk and work with you through this.
Yes you can. Toxaprevent does not close the blood barrier, and does not enter the liver or kidneys to be processed, because of this it will not interfere with the oestrogen patch. With the progesterone tablet at night, you would need to leave a two hour gap. Our best advice would be take your Toxaprevent in the morning and afternoon then continue taking your progesterone tablet at night.
Both LPR and Burning Mouth Syndrome are linked not only with Histamine but also Ammonium. When our immune system is overreactive it releases histamine which is what triggers the burning sensation in the mouth. Excess histamine also triggers the Histamine 2 Receptor which is located in the gut. This receptor's one use is for acid regulation. Toxaprevent binds directly to the histamine and ammonium in the body and detoxes them from the body when you pass stool. Both the histamine and ammonium alongside the Toxaprevent are removed from the body! Therefore bringing not only your immune system back into balance but also reducing your histamine symptoms. We would recommend following the Histamine Detox Protocol and in addition, we would highly recommend the Dentura Med Sensitive Toothpaste which contains the same ingredient as Toxaprevent but is designed to detox the mouth!
Yes it is! The protocol is designed to reduce your histamine load, and support in reversing the immune response. However, with Burning Mouth Syndrome we also recommend using our toothpaste as it is designed to bind to histamine and reduce inflammation in the mouth. You can also use the Toxaprevent Halistop Chewables as they are designed to bind to histamine alongside sulphur and mycotoxins in the mouth. Alongside the Histamine Overload protocol it is very powerful in reversing your symptoms.
Yes. The Toxaprevent Skin Suspension is awesome as it opens up the pores of the skin and detoxes histamine from underneath the surface of the skin. However, we don't recommend using it straight away. Follow the histamine protocol for at least 4 weeks before introducing the suspension. You have to note the Suspension is pulling the histamine to the surface of the skin so your skin may get a little bit irritated as your body detoxes. Please note, once you open the suspension use it daily until you finish the tube. You can wash and re-use the medical foil (plastic foil) and use it as and when needed.
It depends on your histamine levels. With most after 6 weeks of using Toxaprevent for your intense itching you should break out of the histamine cycle and the intense itching will stop. However, for some it could take a little longer. It all depends on your histamine, as your body needs support in breaking down and bringing it back in to balance. It also depends on your histamine triggers, for example if stress is a major trigger then working on reducing stress will help. If food is a trigger, then its a case of have you removed the specific foods. It can take a short amount of time, but you will get better as the histamine is detoxed from your body and your immune system goes back into balance.